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SOPA – PIPA Bill Is a Scam!

18 Jan

The SOPA/PIPA bill Congress is talking about is a Scam.


Congress has no intention of passing such a Bill.
So, why are they creating this uproar?

I’m sure you would agree, People are getting tired of feeling powerless when in comes to our leaders in Washington.
This Bill, is Washington’s way of giving us, the people,  the Illusion, that we have the power, when in reality, we don’t.
It’s like a skilled 3 card Monte dealer.

He let’s you believe you can win, that you have the power, by letting you win the first couple of meaningless hands, but in the end , he’ll get your money, when it matters most. He has the power, you just thought you did.

Wall Street, crooked politicians, social media censorship, has left us shaking our heads asking,
who’s really in control? TaTa!!!! How about a magic trick, where I get you too believe, you’re in control!
Say hello to Washington’s SOPA/PIPA magic trick.
We may have won this round, but in the end, our leaders in Washington always win the bigger prize,
because they’re in control. They just gave the American people the illusion, that we do.

What should we do?

Wake Up. Stay Alert. Don’t get HOOKED in by 3 Card Monte Dealers and/or Washington Politics!