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24 Aug

Media Conditioning and the Affects on the Latino Community

By Mike Robles 

When it comes to mainstream media, Latinos have no friends. 

Media images are like bombs. They are powerful and lead to destruction.
Destruction of countries, voices and people’s identities.

The daily bombardment from our media, showing Latinos as disruptive,
careless, law breaking citizens, and in some cases, savages,
has led to anti-Latino hatred and a negative portrayal of
Latinos in this country. 

It has also contributed to our younger Latino generation’s poor self-image,
causing us to feel hopeless, self-important, and inferior, as to whom we are
as an ethnic group and as human beings.

Shows like Latino in America, bombard us with negative images,
portraying Latinos as uneducated and destitute. Pregnant teenagers,
drug dealers, and a Latino mother humiliated by a white woman in church
for not speaking English, were all showcased in this horrific documentary.

The continued media assault from news programs, newspapers, radio shows,
and magnified by social-media, has conditioned people to believe,
including Latinos, that we are a messed-up people. That is how the brain
works, and mainstream media knows this. They consistently and repeatedly
bombard us with negative Latino images repeatedly, until they are embedded
into our sub-conscious. 
Years and years of being attacked by these
“negative image bombs” has resulted in conditioning Latinos and others to
believe and accept that we are what the media
has portrayed us to be:

Meaningless, mindless people. That is how the mind works, mi gente. 

As you think, so shall you be! Let us flip the script, and watch
how the mind works. 

Tell me how these images make you feel. Here are a few examples: 

* Latino countries winning the FIFA World Cup. 

* Chilean miners surviving the impossible and cheating death as the world
tuned in and witnessed their miraculous rescue.

* A Puerto Rican woman from the South Bronx becoming the first Latina
in the history of the United States to sit on the Supreme Court.

Do these images bring you feelings of pride, joy, and self-worth?
Images are very powerful, wouldn’t you agree?

The truth of the matter is Latinos are a well educated and loving people.
Latino entertainers are just one segment of our population that showcases
our talents as an ethnic group. We’re more than that. 

We are Astronauts, Doctors, Politicians, Activists, just to name a few.
Latinos have shown their brilliance and excelled in all areas of humanity.

Unfortunately, mainstream media does not want you, Latinos, to know that.
They prefer to keep us dumbed down with images of self-worth.
Anyone that is familiar with Psychology 101, is aware of the fact,
that overly repeated images, conditions the mind. As a race, it conditions us
to believe we must struggle, we must fight, we must suffer in
order to make it in “their world.” 

What can we, as Latinos, do to help combat this onslaught of
media conditioning? 

I suggest that all Higher Level educational institutions include a course in
its curriculum on “Media Conditioning and the Affects on the Latino

Through my experience in television production, I have learned how
powerful images can be. Images can make people laugh, make people cry,
make people calm or make people angry.

A trained media, can easily control your emotions. They can also influence
what you believe, which is why a course in
“Media Conditioning and the Affects on the Latino Community”
can play a vital and important role in redefining how Latinos view the
media and how media conditioning affects the Latino community.

This course will introduce positive character images that would build
character development of high self-esteem and help lead to positive vibrations
within the Latino community. It would also allow the opportunity for Latino
students to create their own content. Content filled with positive images that
would better serve themselves and their communities.

It will also assist Latino students in recognizing negative images ,
allowing them to diffuse the media bombs. Not only will this course teach
students how to recognize these negative images, but it will also show them
the tricks being employed by “mainstream-media, to condition our

Mainstream media, like a good magician, leaves one in a state of illusion.
By learning the technique of the trick, the illusion no longer exists.
The control over their audience disappears. (no pun intended) 

Simply put, this course will teach students, like a good film director,
what images to take out and what images to put in. Students will learn
how to recognize a bad script and turn it into a good script.
They will learn how to break the cycle of character duplication.

I would also suggest to my Latino brothers and sisters to make a shift in
their viewing options. Research and feed your mind with our wonderful
Latino scholars, pioneers and activists who left their imprints in the world.

Being Latino doesn’t have to be about who “mainstream media”
says we are or should be.
It’s about Believing in yourself. 

It’s time to escape the mental prison that “mainstream media” has put us in.
You can begin by knowing that you are a great human being,
who happens to be Latino. 

Mike Robles is an Emmy Award Winning comedian, actor and
television producer.
He was voted “One of the Top 10 Latino Stand-Up comedians in the country.” 

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