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Clint Eastwood Talks to A Chair and holds a Q&A with an Imaginary Barack Obama.

31 Aug

Clint Eastwood, this year’s mystery guest speaker at the 2012 Republican National Convention, created a stir last night, with a routine about talking to a chair with an imaginary Barack Obama.

Some found it weird. Others found it insulting.

Others inquired if the 82 year old Oscar Winning Director, was on medication, getting old or simply senile?

My first thought was, is this really happening?

Is this really Clint Eastwood or a Clint Eastwood Hologram!







Then came the performance everyone in the news and social media is talking about. An impromptu performance was about to begin.

As America tuned in, we witnessed Clint tumble and stumble, sometimes looking confused, across his routine, as he held a private Q&A with a chair and an imaginary Barack Obama.








Clint Eastwood rushed to ER after being struck in head with a Chair! An imaginary African-American was seen leaving the scene.







I can only imagine how the Democrats are chomping at the bit to strike back.

Well, they get their chance next week at the 2012 Democratic National Convention, being held in Charlotte, NC.

The buzz going around in Political Circles is, Tim Kain, the Chairman of the Democratic National Committee, has asked Mr. Eastwood to return for an encore performance. Word on the street is that Clint Eastwood’s performance (Part 2) will consist of Mr. Eastwood speaking to a desk, with Mitt Romney’s imaginary Tax Returns.

Can’t wait!

How about you?

What’s your take on Clint Eastwood’s performance?