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President Obama Visits Puerto Rico – Statehood vs Independence?

15 Jun

The US would never allow Puerto Rico to become independent!
Because the Chinese government would pump money into the island faster than you can say, Pork Fried Rice!
China-Ricans, is not an image the US wants in its backyard.

So then, why is it that on the one hand the US is in no rush to add Puerto Rico,  as its 51st state, yet on the other doesn’t want to see Puerto Rico truly be free (independent)?  Is it because by being an independent nation, Puerto Rico can then flirt with other countries? Is  the US afraid of losing control in its own back yard, particularly to China.

If I may use the following analogy, it appears to me that The US is treating Puerto Rico, the world’s oldest colony,  like it’s mistress, and I have a big problem with that!  America does not want to commit and get married, have Puerto Rico as its 51 state, yet on the other hand, America does not want to loose her either!  Like a man who not only wants his cake, but wants to eat it too, the US has teased it’s mistress with a taste of marriage, by offering US citizenship, federal funding, and MTV to keep her entertained.
We’re like married, but not really married.

So what should we call our relationship then? Common Law?
Hmm? I have a better idea, instead of common law, lets call our relationship, Commonwealth.
I will shower you with wealth, in exchange for your resources, cooperation,  and great strategic location!

So, like your favorite Telemundo soap opera, how will this saga end?

Will The US & Puerto Rico finally get married or will they part ways?

In the words of Beyonce, “If you like it, then you shoulda put a ring on it!”

What do you think?