The WEPA Heard All Around The World! LIVE at The Puerto Rican Day Parade!

12 Jun

From Egypt to Argentina to China.
There was one BIG Puerto Rican Love-Fest going on at
The 55th National Puerto Rican Day Parade!





Ozzie Guillen Loves Fidel Castro Comments – Angry Cubans – Lost In Translation!

11 Apr

Ozzie Guillen’s, “I Love Fidel Castro” comments has angered Miami’s Cuban community,
and now his Miami Marlins manager’s job is threatened.
Freedom of Speech versus Stupidity!

I have 2 solutions to prevent this from ever happening again!

SOPA – PIPA Bill Is a Scam!

18 Jan

The SOPA/PIPA bill Congress is talking about is a Scam.

Congress has no intention of passing such a Bill.
So, why are they creating this uproar?

I’m sure you would agree, People are getting tired of feeling powerless when in comes to our leaders in Washington.
This Bill, is Washington’s way of giving us, the people,  the Illusion, that we have the power, when in reality, we don’t.
It’s like a skilled 3 card Monte dealer.

He let’s you believe you can win, that you have the power, by letting you win the first couple of meaningless hands, but in the end , he’ll get your money, when it matters most. He has the power, you just thought you did.

Wall Street, crooked politicians, social media censorship, has left us shaking our heads asking,
who’s really in control? TaTa!!!! How about a magic trick, where I get you too believe, you’re in control!
Say hello to Washington’s SOPA/PIPA magic trick.
We may have won this round, but in the end, our leaders in Washington always win the bigger prize,
because they’re in control. They just gave the American people the illusion, that we do.

What should we do?

Wake Up. Stay Alert. Don’t get HOOKED in by 3 Card Monte Dealers and/or Washington Politics!

Have Latino Baseball players at the MLB All-Star Game 2011 Let Us Down?

11 Jul

Arizona, the most Anti-Latino state in the Union, will benefit from
this year’s 2011 MLB All-Star game, and once again Latinos will
blow another opportunity to have their voices heard!

With many of the MLB 2011 All-Stars being prominently Latino,
the show will go on without any raucous, mention or reactions
from the ball players regarding the racism that is so blatant in the
state where the game is being played.

I am confident, if this were an African-American issue, Al Sharpton would be getting his hair
permed in preparation for his press conference!

Voices would be heard, and action would be taken.

I guess it’s the passive side we Latinos have.
Don’t rock the boat.
Don’t make too much noise.
Behave and Conform, so that we fit in.

I said it before, I’ll say it again.

We have the ingredients to create change, what’s missing is a Chef or two!
As for the players, YES!!!!

Beisbol hab bin berry, berry Gooo to me!

Their actions or lack of action, speak volumes about the rest of us.
Is it the Latino Ball Players duty to speak out?
Absolutely not!
Would it be nice for our Latino Ball Players to speak out in support of their
Latino brothers and sisters, in the same manner we support our Latino Ball Players
on the field?
Absolutely, yes!

What these Latino ball players fail to recognize is the fact that it’s the uniform that
shields them from the hatred that many Latinos face!
Remove the uniform, and they’re spics, wet-backs & grease balls just like the rest of us!

Maybe if play was stopped and the Border Patrol went onto the field during the 7th inning
stretch and asked to see their papers, they’d understand.

Imagine that!
David “Big Papi” Ortiz and Adrian Gonzalez being asked to provide papers!


It’s legal to do so right?

Enjoy the game everybody!

Corpus Christi Mom Gets 5 years Probation for Spanking Her Child!

27 Jun

Rosalina Gonzales, a mom from Corpus Christi, Texas was sentenced to 5 years probation and had her children taken away from her for spanking her child.

judge longoria

Judge Jose Longoria told Rosalina; “You don’t spank children today…”
Ms. Gonzales, plead guilty to spanking her daughter with an open hand, leaving visible bruises.
The Grandmother, noticed the bruises and did what any other Latina Abuelita would do – She reported her daughter to the police! My grandmother once called the police to report me for illegal cable, but that’s another story.

Judge Longoria went on to say, “In the old days, maybe we got spanked, but there was a different quarrel. You don’t spank children.”

With your permission Judge Jose Longoria, I’d like to address the old days.

In the old days, we didn’t get spanked with an open hand to the buttocks.
I laugh at such a thought. Are you kidding me?
If I may approach the bench, I’d like to present Exhibit A –


The belt, brought more fear to our home than El Cucuy and El Chupacabras put together.

The belt, Judge Longoria, was how we were disciplined.
On a bad day, which was every day, my father would grab me by the hand, and round and round I’d go, like a horse on a Carousel. I’d hear my father scream, cono, carajo, pendejo!!! Toma, Toma, Toma!!!
I felt like a horse jockey was whipping my ass!
My grandmother was there to witness this. However, she chose not to call the police and report my father! Why?

Grandma wasn’t stupid!  She knew if she did, she was next!

As a Latino, I have to ask this question –

How far will the courts go?

Will laws one day prohibit Latinos from disciplining their children with;

I present to you Exhibit B


Laws that prevent spankings is like stealing a deeply embedded cultural belief!

Can government intervene, and take away our Chanclas?


Until we get answers, talk to your children or face jail time!

In the meantime, I’d love to know your thoughts.

Bashing Latinos – America’s New TV Reality Show –

21 Jun

Latino bashing has become the most popular sport in America!
Why, you ask?
It’s fun, it’s easy and you can get away with it,  that’s why!

From Soledad Obrien’s horrific portrayal of Latinos on CNN’s “Latino In America”,
which won her the infamous “Chorizo Award” for her portrayal of a Latina journalist
a few years back – Check out the video, if you haven’t already seen it

and now,  John McCain’s latest remarks about illegal immigrants being responsible for setting wildfires in Arizona.
-Note to John McCain – In the words of Billy Joel;
“We didn’t start the fire
It was always burning
Since the world’s been turning”

Yes. Latino bashing is the new “In thing!”
Grab some popcorn and pull up a seat!

– Why aren’t you speaking English! –  Texas Sen. Chris Harris
– Shoot immigrants from helicopters – Kansas Rep. Virgil Peck
– I suppose if you’re a gay man from Guatemala who gambles and smokes pot, you probably think we’re on to some good ideas here – Rhode Island Rep Watson

Should I continue? Remember, it’s fun, it easy, and you can get away with it.

Thinking outside the box, if the racial bigotry going around the media served a purpose, let’s say, solved the budget deficit or ended all wars or brought down the price of gas, as a proud American, I would take the hit!  Go ahead, bash me!

-What do you call 4 Mexicans in quicksand? Cuatro, Cinco! (Stop it! My rib! You’re killing me!!!)

But sadly, it’s not.

It’s happening for votes and ratings. Period.
I’m beginning to think I’m part of a reality show, “Bashing Latinos.”
Our script is being written by racist politicians and media outlets.
The characters they have written for us include – Grease balls, Wetbacks, Border Bunnies, Beaner, Jose, Chico, Pedro,
Hombre, Cheese Lovers, Spic –

Should I continue? Remember, it’s fun, its easy, and you can get away with it.

So my question is, what are we doing about it?

As a whole, Latinos allow the media, the government, and other institutions to express their prejudiced views about us, and we sit quietly, watch and listen.   Unlike our African-American brothers and sisters, who unite as one voice, stand behind their leaders, and fight! What’s holding us back from doing the same? Is it the Latino Crab syndrome, where we drag each other down? Is it a coincidence that Latinos have no identifiable leaders/activists to stand behind? Are we our worst enemy?

It’s time for change my people.

The good news is, it can be done.

What do you think?

President Obama Visits Puerto Rico – Statehood vs Independence?

15 Jun

The US would never allow Puerto Rico to become independent!
Because the Chinese government would pump money into the island faster than you can say, Pork Fried Rice!
China-Ricans, is not an image the US wants in its backyard.

So then, why is it that on the one hand the US is in no rush to add Puerto Rico,  as its 51st state, yet on the other doesn’t want to see Puerto Rico truly be free (independent)?  Is it because by being an independent nation, Puerto Rico can then flirt with other countries? Is  the US afraid of losing control in its own back yard, particularly to China.

If I may use the following analogy, it appears to me that The US is treating Puerto Rico, the world’s oldest colony,  like it’s mistress, and I have a big problem with that!  America does not want to commit and get married, have Puerto Rico as its 51 state, yet on the other hand, America does not want to loose her either!  Like a man who not only wants his cake, but wants to eat it too, the US has teased it’s mistress with a taste of marriage, by offering US citizenship, federal funding, and MTV to keep her entertained.
We’re like married, but not really married.

So what should we call our relationship then? Common Law?
Hmm? I have a better idea, instead of common law, lets call our relationship, Commonwealth.
I will shower you with wealth, in exchange for your resources, cooperation,  and great strategic location!

So, like your favorite Telemundo soap opera, how will this saga end?

Will The US & Puerto Rico finally get married or will they part ways?

In the words of Beyonce, “If you like it, then you shoulda put a ring on it!”

What do you think?