Racism Takes Center Stage at the 2012 GOP Republican National Convention.

29 Aug

When It comes to The Republican Party, Latinos and African-Americans Are Not Welcomed.

“Latinos and African Americans love a good party, but when it comes to the Grand Old Party (GOP), we are not welcomed. Unless we’re wearing monkey suits or Mariachi outfits, Republicans cannot envision us in their party.

This was made clear to me during the opening day of the 2012 Republican National Convention (RNC) in Tampa, FL.

Earlier in the day, it was reported that chants of USA USA USA, followed by, GET THEM OUT, were heard from the convention floor, when  Puerto Rican GOP delegate,  Zoraida Fonalledas, began speaking in her Spanish accent.  The chants continued until Republican National Committee Chairman Reince Preibus came to her rescue.  She appeared visibly upset by the racial over-tones, with some of the biggest offenders being those in the Texas delegation.

<One Quick Point>

1. All Puerto Ricans are born US citizens.

It was also reported, someone attending the Republican National Convention allegedly threw peanuts at a black camerawoman for CNN and said, “This is how we feed animals.” They were escorted out of the building. CNN confirmed the incident, and refused further comment.

What;s going on here?

Is this the 2012 Republic National Convention or a Minority bashing convention!?

Talk about no respect!

It saddens me that any type of hatred and disrespect directed toward any minority, would be tolerated during an event
showcasing American democracy.

I’m proud to say, Blacks and Latinos, put their lives on the line every day defending this great country.  Our cultural pride and cultural differences doesn’t and shouldn’t make us Un-American in the eyes of the American people, and white america needs to know this.

We are no different than any other ethnic group, when it comes to celebrating our heritage.

Like everyone else, we deserve respect.

I learned a long time ago, it doesn’t matter what others think of me,  what matters is what I think of myself.  I cannot and will not abandon, who I am or where I come from. It doesn’t work that way in my world.

To the younger generation, be proud of who you are. Do not let ignorance and hatred
prevail over your purpose in life.

Keep Shining.

God Bless.


6 Responses to “Racism Takes Center Stage at the 2012 GOP Republican National Convention.”

  1. Slick Willie August 29, 2012 at 8:20 am #

    Is this satire? I swore I saw an African-American and Latino giving speeches at the RNC last night.

  2. The Rat August 29, 2012 at 8:36 am #

    Yeah, kinda like when the liberal loons threw Oreos on the stage when Michael Steele ran for governor, huh? Your dopey headline suggesting that racism took “center stage” is laughable.

    RACISM is pandering to minorities for the sole purpose of keeping them on the liberal plantation.


  3. Luis Angel Ramos August 29, 2012 at 7:24 pm #

    As the 1st American President of the International Students Organization of Kutztown University of PA, I was the only member that spoke ONLY two languages… But the Rican Accent and the A.A.S. in Human Resources Management served me well… Luis Angel Ramos Irizarry
    Presidente, R.E.S.T.- Ramos Educational Services & Translations, Inc.

    *Personal & Professional Page: http://Americano3777.tripod.com
    *Professional Profile: http://pr.linkedin.com/pub/luis-angel-ramos/b/672/9a0
    *TV Commercial as Admissions/Marketing/Promotions/Temporary Position as
    *Hispanic Campaign Manager for a new college: http://youtu.be/4enNw7jrn6w
    *Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/topic.php?topic=8280&post=65050&uid=60299476082#/L.A.RamosIrizarry7?ref=profile

    “The Journey is what brings us Happiness not the Destination.”
    Joel Osteen & Joyce Meyer

    Where are you now? “HERE”
    What time is it? “NOW”
    What are you? “THIS MOMENT IN TIME”
    The Peaceful Warrior

    [Attitude = 100%. If you add the alphabetical value of every letter of
    the word attitude you will get a 100 numeric result.]

    “Quality teams of people must sustain true alliances of dignity and respect.
    These partnerships propel everyone forward in their journey.”
    Dr. Samuel Betances

  4. Phi cat August 30, 2012 at 12:35 pm #

    58,000 reasons not to vote for Romney, he never went and they never came home. Vietnam veterans please never forget our brother and sisters.

  5. JP Matteo September 2, 2012 at 7:15 pm #

    Difficult to think that we enter Puerto Rico into the equation when it comes to governorship… Several times PR was threatened with receivership; that is the govt would have been taken over by the feds because of continuing mismanagement and deficits… There has been no wake up call for PRicans to pay for their way; a greater portion of the pop belong to the liberal/welfare plantation…
    How many Dem administrations have come through only to resist the basic practice of the spoil system; therefore the overlay of unsupported employees is met with a budget that cannot support it… Independence would be PR’s 9/11, sustained… Let’s get on with the nonsense and get practical… It is the saddest thing when a Dem welcomes an immigrant because his/her principles are not for freedom of that person but to teach them into the bondage that the great American benefit they can have is welfare. The cycle then perpetuates… Immigrants come so they can experience the return on their work not for a handout… Saw how many speakers were either naturalized Americans or first generation Americans from immigrant parents… USA, USA, USA were Americans recognizing Americans… Puerto Ricans are that: Americans…. USA could only be seen as offensive if to the core that person does not see themselves as that… USA, USA, USA…

    Really more than any other group USA, USA, USA should be chanted by PRicans because it has yet to be shown how many are benefiting for USA without a true return from the island… Absolutely love the work Fortuno is doing… Great example of leadership; get the right thing done and let that be the record not just being charismatic… JPM

  6. JP Matteo September 2, 2012 at 7:23 pm #

    The camerawoman was the most objective person in her response to the above referenced situation: that there are idiots/racists in both parties… They are there… Reality always keeps it real…she was real because she kept her eyes open… Wish some of us would practice faith with our eyes open… War with night-vision…we don’t go blindly into that “good” night…

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