Have Latino Baseball players at the MLB All-Star Game 2011 Let Us Down?

11 Jul

Arizona, the most Anti-Latino state in the Union, will benefit from
this year’s 2011 MLB All-Star game, and once again Latinos will
blow another opportunity to have their voices heard!

With many of the MLB 2011 All-Stars being prominently Latino,
the show will go on without any raucous, mention or reactions
from the ball players regarding the racism that is so blatant in the
state where the game is being played.

I am confident, if this were an African-American issue, Al Sharpton would be getting his hair
permed in preparation for his press conference!

Voices would be heard, and action would be taken.

I guess it’s the passive side we Latinos have.
Don’t rock the boat.
Don’t make too much noise.
Behave and Conform, so that we fit in.

I said it before, I’ll say it again.

We have the ingredients to create change, what’s missing is a Chef or two!
As for the players, YES!!!!

Beisbol hab bin berry, berry Gooo to me!

Their actions or lack of action, speak volumes about the rest of us.
Is it the Latino Ball Players duty to speak out?
Absolutely not!
Would it be nice for our Latino Ball Players to speak out in support of their
Latino brothers and sisters, in the same manner we support our Latino Ball Players
on the field?
Absolutely, yes!

What these Latino ball players fail to recognize is the fact that it’s the uniform that
shields them from the hatred that many Latinos face!
Remove the uniform, and they’re spics, wet-backs & grease balls just like the rest of us!

Maybe if play was stopped and the Border Patrol went onto the field during the 7th inning
stretch and asked to see their papers, they’d understand.

Imagine that!
David “Big Papi” Ortiz and Adrian Gonzalez being asked to provide papers!


It’s legal to do so right?

Enjoy the game everybody!


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