San Antonio Mayor Julian Castro’s keynote address at the Democratic Convention is another example for all Latinos, particularly, young Latinos, that anything is possible.

5 Sep

Chants of USA USA USA were loud and frequent last night at the Democratic National Convention in Charlotte, NC. They chanted, in a display of pride, not prejudice, unity, not division.  No Latinos were asked to go home, and peanuts were eaten, not thrown.

In the words of Ice Cube – “Today Was A Good Day” for all Democrats.

First Lady, Michelle Obama, looking radiant and stunning, in a dress by young African-American designer Tracy Reese, had both men and women saying to themselves – OMG! I want that dress.
She moved the audience with her passionate speech about Obama the President, the husband, the father.

San Antonio Mayor Julian Castro, took to the stage, and energized the crowd, with a powerful, charming, and witty performance.

It was the first time in history, that a Latino delivered the Keynote Address at the DNC.

It was inspiring, uplifting, and refreshing to see a young Latino take center stage, and share his story through the eyes of a proud Mexican-American.

His personal story about being raised by a single mother, along with his twin brother Joaquin, in San Antonio’s West Side, and the challenges he faced growing up, sent a clear message to all Latinos – you too, can climb mountains.

My mother fought hard for civil rights, so instead of a mop, I could hold this microphone.” Julián Castro

Mayor Julian Castro’s keynote address at the Democratic Convention is another example for all Latinos, particularly, young Latinos, that anything is possible.

Yes, indeed, Today Was A Good Day.

Here’s to many more.



Clint Eastwood Talks to A Chair and holds a Q&A with an Imaginary Barack Obama.

31 Aug

Clint Eastwood, this year’s mystery guest speaker at the 2012 Republican National Convention, created a stir last night, with a routine about talking to a chair with an imaginary Barack Obama.

Some found it weird. Others found it insulting.

Others inquired if the 82 year old Oscar Winning Director, was on medication, getting old or simply senile?

My first thought was, is this really happening?

Is this really Clint Eastwood or a Clint Eastwood Hologram!







Then came the performance everyone in the news and social media is talking about. An impromptu performance was about to begin.

As America tuned in, we witnessed Clint tumble and stumble, sometimes looking confused, across his routine, as he held a private Q&A with a chair and an imaginary Barack Obama.








Clint Eastwood rushed to ER after being struck in head with a Chair! An imaginary African-American was seen leaving the scene.







I can only imagine how the Democrats are chomping at the bit to strike back.

Well, they get their chance next week at the 2012 Democratic National Convention, being held in Charlotte, NC.

The buzz going around in Political Circles is, Tim Kain, the Chairman of the Democratic National Committee, has asked Mr. Eastwood to return for an encore performance. Word on the street is that Clint Eastwood’s performance (Part 2) will consist of Mr. Eastwood speaking to a desk, with Mitt Romney’s imaginary Tax Returns.

Can’t wait!

How about you?

What’s your take on Clint Eastwood’s performance?

NEW VIDEO of Puerto Rican Delegate Zoraida Fonalledas Being Taunted with Chants of USA!

30 Aug

There’s an on going debate as to whether chants of USA USA USA were directed toward Puerto Rican GOP Delegate Zoraida Fonalledas.  Many believe, including myself, that these chants were racially motived and totally uncalled for.

There is no doubt, that Ms. Fonalledas was disrespected and subjected to racial bigotry.

In the video, just prior to Ms. Fonalledas being introduced, it appears that calm is restored on the convention floor. No booing or USA chants can be heard. When Republican National Committee Chairman, Reince Preibus introduces her as being from Puerto Rico, the boos begin. When Ms. Fonalledas begins to speak in her Spanish accent, we hear chants of USA USA USA for the first time.

For all you naysayers, believing that these chants were intended for fellow delegates, is totally ridiculous.
Americans hating on each other by screaming USA, is idiotic.

Chants of USA are reserved for two occasions
1. to express patriotism
2. to express ethnic hatred.

In the case of patriotism, the Olympic games would be a an ideal time to chant USA!

In the case of  ethnic hatred, the  implication of the chant is  – THEY ARE NOT AMERICAN CITIZENS.

Ms. Fonalledas, a Puerto Rican, speaking in a thick Spanish accent as a result of English being her 2nd
language, was not received, nor welcomed, as an American Citizen, and some delegates let her know it,
by chanting USA! USA! USA!

Watch the video and feel free to share your thoughts.

Racism Takes Center Stage at the 2012 GOP Republican National Convention.

29 Aug

When It comes to The Republican Party, Latinos and African-Americans Are Not Welcomed.

“Latinos and African Americans love a good party, but when it comes to the Grand Old Party (GOP), we are not welcomed. Unless we’re wearing monkey suits or Mariachi outfits, Republicans cannot envision us in their party.

This was made clear to me during the opening day of the 2012 Republican National Convention (RNC) in Tampa, FL.

Earlier in the day, it was reported that chants of USA USA USA, followed by, GET THEM OUT, were heard from the convention floor, when  Puerto Rican GOP delegate,  Zoraida Fonalledas, began speaking in her Spanish accent.  The chants continued until Republican National Committee Chairman Reince Preibus came to her rescue.  She appeared visibly upset by the racial over-tones, with some of the biggest offenders being those in the Texas delegation.

<One Quick Point>

1. All Puerto Ricans are born US citizens.

It was also reported, someone attending the Republican National Convention allegedly threw peanuts at a black camerawoman for CNN and said, “This is how we feed animals.” They were escorted out of the building. CNN confirmed the incident, and refused further comment.

What;s going on here?

Is this the 2012 Republic National Convention or a Minority bashing convention!?

Talk about no respect!

It saddens me that any type of hatred and disrespect directed toward any minority, would be tolerated during an event
showcasing American democracy.

I’m proud to say, Blacks and Latinos, put their lives on the line every day defending this great country.  Our cultural pride and cultural differences doesn’t and shouldn’t make us Un-American in the eyes of the American people, and white america needs to know this.

We are no different than any other ethnic group, when it comes to celebrating our heritage.

Like everyone else, we deserve respect.

I learned a long time ago, it doesn’t matter what others think of me,  what matters is what I think of myself.  I cannot and will not abandon, who I am or where I come from. It doesn’t work that way in my world.

To the younger generation, be proud of who you are. Do not let ignorance and hatred
prevail over your purpose in life.

Keep Shining.

God Bless.


24 Aug

Media Conditioning and the Affects on the Latino Community

By Mike Robles 

When it comes to mainstream media, Latinos have no friends. 

Media images are like bombs. They are powerful and lead to destruction.
Destruction of countries, voices and people’s identities.

The daily bombardment from our media, showing Latinos as disruptive,
careless, law breaking citizens, and in some cases, savages,
has led to anti-Latino hatred and a negative portrayal of
Latinos in this country. 

It has also contributed to our younger Latino generation’s poor self-image,
causing us to feel hopeless, self-important, and inferior, as to whom we are
as an ethnic group and as human beings.

Shows like Latino in America, bombard us with negative images,
portraying Latinos as uneducated and destitute. Pregnant teenagers,
drug dealers, and a Latino mother humiliated by a white woman in church
for not speaking English, were all showcased in this horrific documentary.

The continued media assault from news programs, newspapers, radio shows,
and magnified by social-media, has conditioned people to believe,
including Latinos, that we are a messed-up people. That is how the brain
works, and mainstream media knows this. They consistently and repeatedly
bombard us with negative Latino images repeatedly, until they are embedded
into our sub-conscious. 
Years and years of being attacked by these
“negative image bombs” has resulted in conditioning Latinos and others to
believe and accept that we are what the media
has portrayed us to be:

Meaningless, mindless people. That is how the mind works, mi gente. 

As you think, so shall you be! Let us flip the script, and watch
how the mind works. 

Tell me how these images make you feel. Here are a few examples: 

* Latino countries winning the FIFA World Cup. 

* Chilean miners surviving the impossible and cheating death as the world
tuned in and witnessed their miraculous rescue.

* A Puerto Rican woman from the South Bronx becoming the first Latina
in the history of the United States to sit on the Supreme Court.

Do these images bring you feelings of pride, joy, and self-worth?
Images are very powerful, wouldn’t you agree?

The truth of the matter is Latinos are a well educated and loving people.
Latino entertainers are just one segment of our population that showcases
our talents as an ethnic group. We’re more than that. 

We are Astronauts, Doctors, Politicians, Activists, just to name a few.
Latinos have shown their brilliance and excelled in all areas of humanity.

Unfortunately, mainstream media does not want you, Latinos, to know that.
They prefer to keep us dumbed down with images of self-worth.
Anyone that is familiar with Psychology 101, is aware of the fact,
that overly repeated images, conditions the mind. As a race, it conditions us
to believe we must struggle, we must fight, we must suffer in
order to make it in “their world.” 

What can we, as Latinos, do to help combat this onslaught of
media conditioning? 

I suggest that all Higher Level educational institutions include a course in
its curriculum on “Media Conditioning and the Affects on the Latino

Through my experience in television production, I have learned how
powerful images can be. Images can make people laugh, make people cry,
make people calm or make people angry.

A trained media, can easily control your emotions. They can also influence
what you believe, which is why a course in
“Media Conditioning and the Affects on the Latino Community”
can play a vital and important role in redefining how Latinos view the
media and how media conditioning affects the Latino community.

This course will introduce positive character images that would build
character development of high self-esteem and help lead to positive vibrations
within the Latino community. It would also allow the opportunity for Latino
students to create their own content. Content filled with positive images that
would better serve themselves and their communities.

It will also assist Latino students in recognizing negative images ,
allowing them to diffuse the media bombs. Not only will this course teach
students how to recognize these negative images, but it will also show them
the tricks being employed by “mainstream-media, to condition our

Mainstream media, like a good magician, leaves one in a state of illusion.
By learning the technique of the trick, the illusion no longer exists.
The control over their audience disappears. (no pun intended) 

Simply put, this course will teach students, like a good film director,
what images to take out and what images to put in. Students will learn
how to recognize a bad script and turn it into a good script.
They will learn how to break the cycle of character duplication.

I would also suggest to my Latino brothers and sisters to make a shift in
their viewing options. Research and feed your mind with our wonderful
Latino scholars, pioneers and activists who left their imprints in the world.

Being Latino doesn’t have to be about who “mainstream media”
says we are or should be.
It’s about Believing in yourself. 

It’s time to escape the mental prison that “mainstream media” has put us in.
You can begin by knowing that you are a great human being,
who happens to be Latino. 

Mike Robles is an Emmy Award Winning comedian, actor and
television producer.
He was voted “One of the Top 10 Latino Stand-Up comedians in the country.” 

Mike Robles Social Media Links: 
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Visit his website at; For college bookings
and speaking engagements, send your e-mail to: (Links below)
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Latinos vs Hispanics!

18 Jul

A lot of people get upset when we refer to ourselves as Latino.
Some get upset when we refer to ourselves as Hispanic!
So what are we, Latino? Hispanic?

Por favor, someone please enlighten me with your thoughts!


ATT: Latinos – Joe Jackson has a message for you about Barack Obama!

11 Jul

During my interview with  Michael  Jackson’s father,
Joe Jackson took the opportunity to deliver a message to Puerto Ricans
and all Latinos regarding President Barack Obama.

Enjoy the video interview!