12 Nov

enrique-iglesias-and-anna-kournikova_1-672x372 What do Antonio Banderas, Eva Mendes, Cameron Diaz, Enrique Iglesias, Roselyn Sanchez and John Leguizamo have in common? Well, we know they are all Hispanic but did you know all of their significant others are white?  It’s almost a cliche these days but it seems that as soon as a Latino becomes a success in Hollywood they are no longer “down with the brown”. Love is (color) blind and we here at the Robles & Rosado Show are in no way passing judgement on these talented and hard working actors and entertainers. What we are simply trying to do is understand why this phenomenon is so prevalent in the Black and Hispanic communities.  What kind of message does this send? Also on the show we discuss the impact of Sonia Sotomayor. The first Hispanic to serve on the U.S. Supreme Court sent a very clear message with her dissent in the Schuette v. Coalition to Defend Affirmative Action case: Race matters.  Justice Sotomayor powerfully and effectively details why Affirmative Action is still vitally important for this country. Listen here for the entire Podcast:

Robles and Rosado Podcast #6 The Bromance Continues

18 May


According to reports Latinos are faring better financially than Blacks in the United States but in the race for income equality both minority groups have a long way to go to close the gap against Whites.

A Santa Ana, California school cop puts crying teen in a choke-hold, then yells at witnesses to stop speaking Spanish.  The stressed officer obviously had a limited grasp of the language but no need to worry! Mike Robles has a very reasonable solution to the problem of police officers and a second language.

PTSD and other mental health issues are a real concern for veterans returning from Afghanistan and Iraq.  In a very emotional and moving segment, Mike makes the case for why we need to pay more than just lip service to the problems facing our soldiers as they return to civilian life after dealing with the rigors of war.

This week’s bochinche focuses on Rob Lowe and John Leguizamo. The former claims he was too pretty for Hollywood and the latter quietly backs away from claims that he’s Puerto Rican.

Both get the Robles & Rosado treatment.

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Saturday Night Live Lorne Michaels doesn’t owe Latinos Anything!

1 May

The Latino community needs to stop crying over the lack of Latinos on Saturday Night Live. Here’s why.

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“We just having fun”

Robles and Rosado Podcast #5 2 Million Deportations? Blame Thalia…

1 May

Obama Latino Supporters Deported

The root verb of “Chingon” is a vulgarity but Mexicans understand most variations of the word to mean “badass”.  Pizza Patrón, a Texas-based restaurant chain that sells pizzas marketed toward Mexicans, is crying foul over what they feel is censorship as radio networks in the Lone Star state refuse to air ads for their new pizza dubbed “La Chingona”.  Pedro feels the radio networks are well within their rights to ban the Pizza Patrón spots but Mike believes it’s much ado about nothing.

shutterstock_107260595Latinos have shown President Barack Obama enormous support during both of his presidential campaigns so it comes as a shock to many that the United States’ first black President has deported over 2 million undocumented brown immigrants.  Immigration is on Mike’s mind this week and he offers up his unique perspective on this very divisive issue, laying blame on a certain Mexican superstar and a very jealous First Lady.

This week’s Bochinche is centered around actor, director, activist, and boxing expert Rosie Perez.  She shares the details of her long running feud with Jennifer Lopez in her new memoir “Handbook for an Unpredictable Life”.  Also, reports claim Shakira’s man has banned the Colombian singer from featuring men in her music videos but apparently has no problem with her frolicking with a naked Rihanna In front of the cameras. Hmmmmm.

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Robles and Rosado Podcast #4 Hey NBA, Just Feed Latinos the Rock

9 Apr

NBA’s Latin Night promotion is front and center on Mike’s mind. While the professional basketball league claims it is addressing a need and owning up to its responsibilities to the Latino community Mike believes it’s really just all about the Benjamins.

This week on the show we also revisit the Saturday Night Live controversy as a new wave of online protests attempt to force NBC and Lorne Michaels to hire Latina performers. We here at Robles & Rosado HQ are shocked that this is still such a hot button issue especially when you consider that we’ve been hammering home a solution to this issue on every one of our episodes so far.

Despite first impressions both Mike and Pedro are positive, happy-go-lucky guys. In an attempt to actively combat the dreaded Latino Crab Syndrome, they lay out a campaign to promote a positive image of Latinos in Hollywood and the media with their #LatinosForLatinos hashtag and series of posts.

To wrap things up, the Bochinche segment focuses on the increasingly ugly child support battle between music superstar Marc Anthony and his beauty queen ex-wife Dayanara Torres.

Robles & Rosado are especially feisty in this episode (and especially funny) but please don’t get upset or offended. We’re just having fun…


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Robles and Rosado Podcast #3 Crabs In A Bucket Con Salsa

25 Mar

Have you ever noticed what happens when you toss a single live crab into a bucket that has no lid? The crab will kick itself into survival mode and climb out. Now, what happens when you put more than one crab into the same bucket? If one of the crustaceans makes an escape attempt the others do everything in their power to drag him back down. This week on “Robles & Rosado” Mike and Pedro discuss the crab mentality all too prevalent in our community. Many successful people have been dragged down instead of lauded for their accomplishments by other Latin@s. Each positive step forward is a success for all of us but some members of our personal circles don’t see it that way. Also on the show, Robles and Rosado prove that growing up in The Bronx more than adequately prepares a person to discuss foreign policy as news organizations in Russia make the case for Crimea to become an unincorporated territory much like Puerto Rico. George Lopez endures a rough week leading up to the debut of his new sitcom “Saint George” on the FX Network and Robert Rodriguez proves it’s good to be “El Rey”. – See more at:

robles and rosado podcast

robles and rosado podcast

Robles and Rosado Podcast Episode #2 Thanks For Nothing William Levy

19 Mar

Oh, and you too Mario Lopez. Your great physiques and smoldering good looks have raised the bar impossibly high for regular Jose’s like me and Mike Robles — and we resent it.

In this episode we touch on many subjects but our focus is on how celebrities like Jennifer Lopez continue to perpetuate the “White Savior” trope in Hollywood movies that dramatically skews young Latinas perception of  Latin men.

We also zero in on how advertisers are leaving money on the table in their efforts to reach a Latino audience and after getting things off his chest, Mike solves Major League Baseball’s ongoing steroid problem.

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